Monday, March 1, 2010


Do you know something????
now I'm starting to realize how much the value of girls,woman or whatever that call as females on the earth.
for me,more they obey the rules of their religion such as Islam which have to wear the scarfs , more value they are actually.
in Islam,there is word such as 'aurat'...
the word means that the parts of the body that Muslims cannot show to others,except their parents,grandparents,brothers and sisters and husband.
we can see that most of Muslims girls or woman nowadays didn't wear the scarf to cover their hair which is also an example of 'aurat'.
whats are the significant of wearing scarfs actually???
as we all know..women and man are create to complete each other,
without man there is no woman..and without woman there will be no more man and woman,and this blog will be none and nobody including you gonna read this right???
man will get attracted by woman
based on the experiment that had been made show that man think about sex around 143 times per day.every single time they look at a woman that attract their eyes,they will start thinking about sex.
it is a normal thing to talk about in open nowadays.
God set a rules to be follow,not to be broken.
wearing scarfs and a cloth that can cover your parts of body and also an attractive feminine body line of a woman can save them.
you don't believe it???
i think that you should and have to start to believe it..
raped and sex before marriage cases are everywhere in the world.
a woman without virginity before a marriage is considered as low value to a man
and of cause a man won't take her as a wife.
before this I'm also a free hair girl,but my family is always scold me because of that,
so I've take a decision to wear a scarfs.

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